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How brands can sell on Amazon - Guide

Selling on Amazon is a challenge – but provides opportunities to grow domestically and expand internationally

During the pandemic Amazon sellers(brands, distributors and wholesalers) benefitted from  Amazon’s popularity. Amazon was trusted as it had more stock, quicker delivery and was easier to buy from than other options. Post-pandemic just as supply chains get back towards “normal” there is an ever-evolving set of challenges for brands distributors and wholesalers to face.

As an example; Amazon has become “pay to play” and it is using its dominant position to force sellers to compete for customer attention using advertising.

As of Feb 2023 Amazon is making another attempt to phase out distributors without sole rights by dealing with the brands directly.

Amazon has expanded its distribution network in Ireland by opening a fulfilment centre with capability to hold millions of items in stock.

I have written a free guide for the brand owners explaining the effect of the new fulfilment centre along with how to list and sell on Amazon – and make money – just click on any of the the pictures below. The guide covers

  • The effect of the new Amazon fulfilment centre in Dublin – shorter delivery times FREE to Prime members
  • Why you should consider Amazon in the first place
  • 67% of Irish shoppers use the Amazon platform. – 2018 figures
  • 17% enjoy FREE delivery as members of Amazon Prime – 2018 figures
  • Only 700 Irish sellers on the platform
  • Over 50% of product research journeys start on Amazon.
  • Amazon host Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day
  • Amazon provides access to European markets through their international sites
  • Amazon provides integration options for major eCommerce platforms.

Are you making the most of the Amazon opportunity?

Did you know that you can list on Amazon quicker than creating a Shopify site?

Projects undertaken include:

  • Sales Growth using Amazon (and eBay) to increase revenue
  • Advisory engagements on making the best of Amazon channel
  • Amazon Listing Audit and Optimisation projects
  • Amazon Viability sprints – can you sell on Amazon
  • Guidance on why and how to use third party tools for integration and pricing


Value Created:

  • Increased Sales and additional channels to sell where your customers already are
  • Creation of additional sales channels using existing fulfillment capabilities
  • Increase returns from Amazon channel using pricing and competition strategies
  • Creation/upgrade of internal Amazon resource capabilities that repay from now on

Amazon Brand Management Services include:

Amazon Audit
Deep Dive on your Amazon Listings
Amazon Viability Research and Analysis

Assess your brands viability on Amazon using competitor data from the platform
Amazon Account Management
Account Setup and management, Launch on Amazon, sales growth on Amazon, integration with stock systems

How we help you realise the Amazon Opportunity



Figuring out the entire Amazon platform is a huge challenge. That’s why brands choose us for our unique expertise and experience with Amazon. Together, we help brands figure out the right strategy, execute effectively, and leverage data to drive excellent results.



Tell you what you need to know before Selling on Amazon: The Amazon marketplace and how it works. I explain how the Amazon flywheel creates more choice for the customer, and how this benefits sellers.



Explain how Amazon works with your existing website – how Irish brands are using Amazon as an additional online channel, and why this is going to be even more important in 2021.



Explain how to sell on Amazon. I explain the concepts you need to understand to effectively sell on Amazon. You need to understand Products, product offers and the importance of the buy box to make sales on Amazon. I explain how seller performance impacts your chance to make sales on the platform.



Amazon Listing Optimisation. Listing Optimisation improves Product Discoverability (a set of best practices to make sure your products are found) or Product Desirability (once a customer has found your product, Product Desirability updates maximise the Amazon conversion rate). I have created detailed Listing Optimisation, Product Discoverability and Product Desirability templates and processes, for you to implement.



Amazon Seller Best Practises: Based on my research for the eConsultancy’s 2020 eCommerce Best Practise guide, I share the best practises that top-performing Irish Amazon sellers use. I apply these best practises to your scenario and market. Best practices include Fulfilment By Amazon(FBA), listing optimisation, pricing strategies and Amazon integration to maximise your returns from selling on Amazon.