Amazon marketplace: How Can The Irish Brands Take Advantage Of The Platform?

Amazon warehouse

Did you know that there are only 700 Irish sellers on the Amazon marketplace? Amazon started as an online bookshop in the USA but has grown and now encompasses many different types of business. It is now a “one-stop” shop that umbrella’s seven key segments such as online stores, Amazon Web Services (AWS), physical stores, […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Amazon Prime and Were Afraid To Ask

Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is a membership program that Amazon offers to exclusive customers offering premium services monthly or yearly. Amazon prime offers discounts on shipping, access to thirty minutes fast deals, free Prime Video membership, Amazon Drive and Twitch Prime. The popular two-day shipping benefit has driven over 80 million subscribers. Other benefits include specific and […]

Amazon Listing Is Crucial To Your Business. How To Make The Best Of It!

As an Amazon seller, your Amazon listing is your shop display and plays a major role in your success on the platform. Like the window display in physical stores, you have to be intentional in presenting your products. Buyers click on products that attract and excite them. They need to get a full description of […]

The Most Interesting Revelation of Amazon Global Selling

As a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you have access to international customers. You don’t have to limit yourself to selling only in your local market. This can help scale up your business massively. You might feel intimidated to pursue international businesses but with some help to guide you, you can start exploring new markets […]

Amazon marketplace: How Brands can make money and win

Amazon marketplace

Why is the Amazon marketplace a golden opportunity for brands? Amazon as a marketplace has opened doors for many businesses and brands globally. Since it launched in 1994, Amazon has made more than 344 billion dollars in gross market value. In 2020, the pandemic hit and Amazon’s marketplace gross merchandise value grew more than 200%. […]

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