Could a Direct To Consumer model work for your brand?

Brands that only sell through retail are running a risk that has been clearly demonstrated by the COVID19 crisis.

Even before the COVID19 wrecking ball, you may have been experiencing a steady decline in revenue streams due to consolidation and closures within the retail sector. End consumers are bypassing retail( and therefore you) by buying from the manufacturers and cutting out the middlemen

Figuring out Direct To Consumer is a huge challenge; selling to end consumers is different than sellng to retailers. That’s why brands choose us for our unique expertise and experience in providing resilience by adding channels.
Together, we help brands figure out the right strategy, execute effectively, and leverage data to drive excellent results.

Direct to consumer strategy

How to go Direct to Consumer

Create a D2C Strategy for your brand that will provide resilience and reduce the impact of COVID19 on retail.

To assess the suitability of a direct to consumer strategy for your brand. We are looking at your brands operational capabilities, resources, and product assortment.


Enterprise strategic consulting and training on both the opportunity and your internal operations required to tackle it.

Your takeaways

A scoping session to understand current business and the direct to consumer market opportunity for your brand.

A strategy session including platforms and propositions + future team structures

A Strategy report containing specific strategy recommendations for your brand

We help ambitious brands go direct to consumer to learn about their end customers, cutting out the middlemen and creating additional sales channels

The Amazon opportunity
For brands and retailers

“Amazon provides brand owners with increased options to protect their brand on the Amazon
platform. Brand violations can be reported, allowing brands to help Amazon enforce their prohibition of counterfeit products.”

% of product research starts on Amazon​
% of shoppers use Amazon
million $ Black Friday transaction value

About us

Df5 helps companies like you launch on Amazon, and make money. We work B2B and B2C brands selling to international markets while shipping from local storage. These brands profitably sell to 5 European Amazon markets; UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. They either use Amazon as their sole online channel or in addition to a .com website.

Our clients include Parnell’s; with offices in UK, Sweden and Ireland, and Irish Auto Parts, with offices in UK and Ireland.

Our CEO Aidan has 27 years of experience in the technology industry as a consultant, technologist and author. Before working in eCommerce, Aidan enjoyed a long career as an independent Oracle consultant working for blue-chip multinationals in Ireland and Europe. Retail focussed projects include work for Arnott’s, Brown Thomas and implementing Direct to Pharmacy supply chain models for Pfizer.

Some of our clients

"We are a fast-moving business that is showing 50% YOY growth. Aidan was able to make credible product selection suggestions using Amazon tools and capabilities that we simply did not know existed – and even if we did we could not have used them.
Colin Lewis
Irish Auto Parts