Amazon account audit

Better product pages sell more!

Gone are the days when you can simply list a product on marketplaces and sell.

Our amazon brand seller specialists will do a deep dive on the health of your account and listings.
Our expert team will identify and prioritize the most critical areas for improvement on your Amazon listings.



Account Audit

Book our 11 point Amazon Account Audit.

Total: €149

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Takeaways and next steps

Within 48 hours, you’ll have a 2-5 min. video review of your entire Amazon page based on our 11 point account audit checklist.
Clarity with actionable next steps to improve your search, conversion and sales.
Copy and design insights to persuade shoppers to buy your product now.

Some of our clients

"We are a fast-moving business that is showing 50% YOY growth. Aidan was able to make credible product selection suggestions using Amazon tools and capabilities that we simply did not know existed – and even if we did we could not have used them.
Colin Lewis
Irish Auto Parts